About the branch of the State Historical Museum in Tula

The only regional branch of the main museum of national history — the State Historical Museum — is located not far from the Tula Kremlin, on the former merchant Pyatnitskaya Street, now Metallistov, in one of the most beautiful ancient buildings of Tula, the Belolipetsky mansion — house number 10.

The decision to open a branch of the State Historical Museum in the Museum Quarter of Tula was made in February 2019 at the initiative of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Governor of the Tula region. In 2019-2020, large-scale repair and restoration and construction works were carried out in the building, the adjacent territory from the side of the Kazan Embankment was landscaped. On September 27, 2020, the representative office of the country’s largest museum was opened in Tula.

Since the opening, Tula residents and guests of the city have seen eight exhibitions from the collection of the State Historical Museum: “Relics and masterpieces of the Historical Museum”, “Easter Eggs from the collection of the Historical Museum”, “English breakfast in Russia. Russian and English ceramics of the XVIII–early XX century”, “Romanovs”, “Albrecht Durer and his era. German engraving of the late XV – first half of the XVI century from the collection of the Historical Museum”, “Faberge and court jewelers”, “Antique vases”, “Merchant portrait of the XVIII – early XX century”.

The museum offers residents and guests of the city a variety of cultural events and sightseeing programs, thematic classes and master classes for adults and children. A volunteer program has been launched and is being successfully implemented in the museum, a children’s center is operating, where Tula schoolchildren receive additional knowledge about the history of Russia.

The programs “Heavenly Patrons of the Russian Host”, “Secrets of the ancient buffet”, “Fashion of the XIX century in paper doll outfits”, “It’s not easy to write beautifully”, “Secrets of ancient ceramics”, “Black and white: the art of engraving” have been developed and are being implemented, which are held for both school and family audiences. New Year, Maslenitsa, Cultural Heritage Day, Night of Museums, Youth Day, Night of Arts and many other mass holidays were marked by special programs, also prepared by the staff of the branch. In summer, performances and concerts are held in the Museum Courtyard, and in the cold season in the premises of the branch.

The branch of the Historical Museum in Tula operates as a scientific and educational center. Since September 2021, meetings have been held here on Saturdays as part of the Historical Lecture Hall project: the leading scientists of the country, employees of the State Historical Museum and the largest universities of Russia are speaking. Over the past two seasons of the lecture hall dedicated to the Romanov dynasty and the events of the early XX century, 27 lectures were delivered. In October 2022, a series of meetings began, telling about the people and events of Russian history up to the XVI century.

Tickets for all exhibitions and excursions, as well as many programs and events can be paid with a Pushkin card.

One of the important research activities of the branch is local history. On a weekly basis, publications about objects from the collection of the State Museum of Fine Arts related to the history of

Tula and the region are published on museum pages in social networks. In April 2021, the museum staff developed an excursion tour of the historical center of the city “Through the pages of history: Tula of the XVI–XX centuries“, during which you can get acquainted with the history and architecture of the city, learn about the role of Tula in the history of our country. In April 2022, at the initiative of the branch staff, local history readings were held, at which Tula researchers shared facts about the history of Metallist Street. As a result of the event, the video project “Pyatnitskaya-Metallistov. Houses and their inhabitants” — local history stories are regularly published on the pages of the branch in social networks and the SHM media portal.

The branch of the Historical Museum in Tula is successfully implementing the project “SHM. Aссessible.”. The branch became the first and so far the only museum in the region where programs for deaf and hard of hearing visitors with sign language translation are conducted on a permanent basis. For visitors with visual disabilities, there is a tactile exposition with models of significant monuments from the collection of the Historical Museum.

In the museum shop, visitors can buy souvenirs and unique publications of the State Historical Museum.

Simultaneously with the opening of the branch of the Historical Museum, a new space appeared on the Kazan Embankment — Museum Square. This is a modern landscaped area. The museum holds festive events on the square. Tula residents fell in love with the place: concerts of street musicians, wedding photo shoots, flash mobs and performances are regularly held here. In the Museum Courtyard connecting the Museum Square with the museum, the branch regularly holds tablet exhibitions. Tula residents could already get acquainted with the projects “Wanted Tula – got a barrel” — about the defense of the city in the Great Patriotic War, “Tula in the collection of SHM” — about bright historical monuments from the collection of SHM related to the history of the region, and “New Year’s card from the collection of the Historical Museum” — about the history of the festive open letter.

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